Leaders of organisations all over the world are putting in longer and longer hours and getting more and more frustrated. Information overload, tighter budgets, smaller staff, and global complexities contribute to the sense of overwhelm.
As a consulting company with a training component, we partner with your organisation to develop dynamic leaders at all levels. We help you discover and develop the hidden potential of your most important resource—your people. Our training programs are most of the time in partnership with renowned institutions or individuals of note. They are hands on and impart skills rather than just information. When they are combined with follow-up coaching sessions they result in long-lasting organizational and personal change.
The problem with most training programs is that they are canned delivery and hence rarely produces behaviour changes. Our trainers don’t just lecture and then leave people to figure out how to use the new skills. We use the most effective training techniques and utilize an interactive adult learning model throughout. We are gifted at working with leaders at all levels and they all get the individual attention they need to solve complex problems. Instead of an off-the-shelf training program, we custom-design each session based on the outcomes you want. Our training can be used in multiple settings such as retreats, staff meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, webinars, or custom-designed training events.
Our facilitators provide supportive, cooperative, challenging opportunities for exploring group issues of all kinds. Unusual activities help you to challenge your assumptions, step out of your “comfort zone,” and break through the barrier of resistance to change. Expect to deepen your awareness of your impact. Action learning invites you to examine current behaviours and make the leap to more desirable behaviours. The training session’s help people overcome resistance and provide the framework for lifelong learning. Some of the outcomes participants are equipped to adopt are the ability to motivate others, lead decisively, communicate a compelling vision, and embrace change. Our trainers are not new to organisational leadership issues. They each have an expertise developed from extensive education, a genuine passion, and real-world experience in leading different kinds of organisations from community level to worldwide entities. We have a team of trainers and facilitators to match your need. “Successful leaders manage the dream. All leaders have the capacity to create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and then to translate that vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis

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